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Freelance artist.

Performer and maker – puppets, animated and theatrical costume, carnival figures, sculpture, giant lanterns and other carnival detritus. Mad multi-media shows, collaborations with other artists, actors, dancers and musicians.

I’m fond of tights and umbrellas but am easily tempted by any material – sponge, green wood, accessories..... that can be coaxed into motion

Inspired by ecological concerns, and local history, issues and events, and literature as source material. I love to adapt and transform; local materials into puppets, ancient Psalms or miracle plays into contemporary street theatre and pantomime, and bare spaces into themed fantasies. There is plenty of scope

in the latter to create bizarre, abstract and conceptual,

as well as traditional puppets. 

Workshops, performance, training and commissions

30 years experience of working in special and

mainstream schools, churches, community, arts

venues and Health services.

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