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Round the Block 2000

3 fairytales turned upside down; Ms.Muffet falls for spider, Goldylocks trashes house and Cinderella wins the Lottery! –Dales Primary School children as Lottery balls.

Puppets and sculptural  costumes inspired by Bauhaus artist Oscar Schlemmer’s Triadic Ballet and the storytelling driven by the opposing energies of the Block and the Ball. 

Psalms Uncensored 2005-6

Multimedia show in collaboration with ‘Credo’ Theatre, - turning the graphic and emotive language of the 4000 year old Psalms into film, dance, masks and puppets

The mighty and the intimate, the wretched and the reaching, the comforting and the uncomfortable – the faces of these Psalms crave conversation with God.


Inspired by the art of Bread & Puppet Theatre, medieval paintings and illuminations, the musical gargoyles of Beverley Minster and the spaces, light, glass and architecture of Hull’s Holy Trinity.

Gorgeous 2010 - 2020

with Gorgeous Arts

Visual Arts Spectacle, Dance, Mime, Puppetry, Sculpture

Exploring our obsession with beauty and fear of aging

Gorgeous show, 2010+. A multi-creative piece which delves into a woman’s attitude to and perception of herself. A story of skin, accessories and our capricious relationship with the mirror, this is a journey of our affair with the mirror; from discovery and emerging self-awareness, through to vanity and obsession. Mirror, glove, hat and stiletto then transform into creatures of mischief and wonder.


Freedom Festival’s Humber Calling, 2015+  decoration of a Hull phone booth accompanied by the Mirror Girls, who continued to amaze and amuse, on stilts for physical stilt theatre -Upper Level


With Jade Wasling, Rhea Dinsdale, Julia Clapp, Rachel Ojo-Tokunboh, Liz Dorton and Jenna Brankley

Flood 2008 - 2010

A locally adapted mad mystery play with 25 strong cast drawn from youth and adults from Bransholme council estate and wider Hull, with large puppets, medieval inspired pantomime costume, poi, flags and other carnival detritus, all inspired by the ‘umbrella’.

FLOOD included Physical Theatre in collaboration with Act Now, Gospel singing and drumming from Sierra Leone and was performed around Hull and at Freedom and Greenbelt Festivals.

Chasing the Wind 2017-20